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A very random sharing but here are my two favourites, short and simple, du’as. One in English and one in Malay with translation.

”I am in need of whatever you bestowed upon me, Ya Allah.”

”Cukupkan aku untuk orang yang aku sayang dan cukupkan mereka untuk aku, Ya Allah.” (Translation: Make me enough for the people that I love and make them enough for me, Ya Allah).

Do share yours on the comment section. Thank you and fare there well.

Maybe It’s Just Me

I guess they were not so bad after all. –Out of Place.

Yes, they are not so bad at all. Instead, they are really buddy-buddy. Extra friendly.

All of them seems like they have known each other since forever.

It’s just me.

Anti-social? It’s not that, it’s just that the memories I had during my Matriculation year with my classmates were so precious. I don’t want them to be replaced or forgotten and this made me kind of hard to accept new people in my life. Silly me.

I consider my coursemates to be a “temporary people” and I don’t know why even though I’m going to spent my 4 years with them.

Excuse after excuse. Gawd, I’m so good at pushing people away.

And damn, I miss my comrades, Jujul and Rus, How I wish you guys were with me, sitting with me in the back row, seeing Rus going to dream land during lectures and laughing at Jujul’s silly jokes. Matriculation year was fun and game. I’m glad I met them, all of them and I wonder if we’ll ever cross paths again. (Undoubtedly and unquestionably, I need to stop being so sentimental every time I want to write something.)

Moving on..

The seniors here were really nice and helpful. They gave me a lot of their old notes and lend me their Anatomy and Physiology books. I’m really thankful and relieved. They really made my student life easier than what I had imagine. Haha.

Furthermore, I’m from Sabah so some people tried to speak Sabahan (major failure) with me but instead they speak Indonesian and some even thought that I’m from Indonesia. Haha. I’m not mad at all. I find it rather funny. 😀

Some even find my dialect really charming. I guess I like being Sabahan living in Peninsular. Haha.

330 words, I guess that’s enough for today’s entry.

Au revoir, my silent reader and keep reading, my blog has nothing.

Is This a Poem?


My temper and I,
Just suck platypus shit.

I do not know why but I always have to tell people that I’m not mad. Maybe it was just because of my face or my intonation when I speak. Haha. Well, I’m self aware that I have an ill-tempered but people always said that I’m mad when I’m no even mad.

Maybe because of my harsh intonation. I was like “Apa bah?!” when people called my name and I said, “Tampar kau!” when people were joking or made fun of me but I always ended it with a laugh. Haha. It’s not like I really want to slap your face or anything.

I was just joking. People just don’t get my jokes. Haha.

I do hate the fact that I’m short-tempered and always moody with everyone around me. I just can’t help it. I do try to change my attitude when I first entered college. It was a success at first (I think) but it shows especially when I’m around people that I’m comfortable with.

And I’m very sorry, from the bottom of my heart for my grouchy, pushy and bossy attitude to everyone who had or have to deal with me in the past or in the future.

Not to mention, I’m very harsh and unladylike. Just stay away from me if you have to. Cheers 😀

Apa bah?! – ‘Apa’ is the Malay word for ‘what’ and ‘bah‘ is the most common word that people from Sabah said. I don’t think it has any meaning. Haha.

Tampar kau! – ‘Tampar’ is the Malay word for ‘slap’ and and the meaning of ‘kau’ is ‘you’. ‘Do you want me to slap you?’ Something like that 😀

The Feeling of Being a Student

I know, it's not that clean. Lol.

I know, it’s not that clean or tidy. Lol.

When I was cleaning and arranging my old notes, it strikes me. I miss being a student. I know I’m going to regret this later but I really miss studying.

Taking pictures of friends’ notes, having a hard time memorizing all the difficult science terms, using colorful pens to write, underlining and highlighting notes, helping friends sign their attendance when they wake up late, drawing mind maps when you can’t even draw a perfect circle, college life and the feeling you get when it is finally Friday. I know it doesn’t make sense at all but I miss that.

It’s not that I’m a good student, all A’s or a teacher’s pet, I just miss the feeling of being a student.  I have been doing nothing productive ever since I graduate from college 3 months ago and maybe that’s why I can’t wait to start studying again. I bet students who read this post can’t relate. Haha.

But for now, I will cherish this moments. 4 or 5 months of holiday and doing nothing because when I start studying again, In Shaa Allah this September, I will miss this awesome feeling of freedom and hoping I can turn back time. I guarantee it 😀