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Guess What?

I’m officially an iPhone owner! I know some of you may think it was not a big deal or there’s nothing to be proud of, bla bla and guess what? I couldn’t care less. I have always wanted to own an iPhone since forever. It’s on my bucket list. Haha.

I know what I want, 64gb silver iPhone 6. Unfortunately, they were out of stock so instead getting an iPhone 6, I bought 64gb space gray iPhone 6 plus. Why space gray?

Here’s the story. The salesman said that they had iPhone 6 plus in silver and gold so I told him I want the silver one. After he swipe my mother’s credit card, he told me he made a mistake regarding the colors. They actually didn’t have silver, only space gray and gold.

And of course, I was furious. I was so happy to have my own iPhone and then my mood just change 180 degrees. I even felt like I want to burn that store and the salesman. You have one job, mister! 😤

He kept saying I should buy the gold one because the front is white just like the silver iPhone. I don’t really care whether it is black or white on the front, i just want a silver iPhone and pfft, there’s no way I’m going to buy gold. It’s just plain ugly.

Long story short, I settled with a space gray iPhone. Yes, it is a beauty.  I actually love the design, really simple and not crowded. It felt really nice when watching  videos.

The 4g load the data faster and the baterry life, oh my god, really last longer. Don’t make me start with the camera. Lol. And again, guess  what? I’m currently typing using my new toy, lol, this huge screen just make it so easy to update my blog and for student to read notes and do anything school related. This iPhone is, no doubt 100% better than my old Samsung.

Furthermore, I’m glad I bought 64gb. The fact that I can updates whatever applications and softwares without to worry or the need to delete any songs or the whole album just to make spaces on my phone. Haha.

I’m new with all this iOS thingy since I have been using Android since forever so if you have any tips or favorite apps you want to recommend me, feel free to drop your comments below.

Thank you and fare thee well. ☺️