I made a bucket list once and actually post it here. However, I deleted it afterward because I don’t even think I can full fill any of them or in near future. Alhamdulillah, I managed to cross one of them just before the end of 2014 and it was volunteering.

I have always wanted to volunteer especially to animal shelter but I haven’t get the chance yet maybe because I was still a high schooler back then. Now, I’m a university student and I will not waste my chances 😀

Old Folks Home Sri Kenangan, Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. (Sorry for the bad quality.)

Old Folks Home Sri Kenangan, Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. (Sorry for the bad quality.)

The first time I went volunteering was to old folks home called Sri Kenangan at Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan and it was such a beautiful memories. I met Pakcik Ali and he was so friendly and have a really good humor. He reminds me of my own grandfather. It’s kind of sad to know he is currently living in old folks home instead of living with his children and grandchildren because he would make an awesome grandfather! It was 2 months ago and I hope Pakcik Ali and everyone is in the pink of health. I miss you guys already! Not to forget, Makcik (I forgot her name), thank you for teaching me how to cut vegetables. It’s been awhile since I enter the kitchen. Haha. Everyone was playing games and doing fun activities but you insisted to stay in the kitchen because it was your shift, you said. It was fun talking (although I don’t even understand half the things you said) and spending time with you in the kitchen even though I’m not much of a help to you. I tried my best. Haha.

Pakcik Ali

If there are 100 of people, we will know all hundreds but not all of them are our friends. -Pakcik Ali.

On 25th December, I went to SK Lundang at Kg. Lundang, Kelantan with another 23 University Science Malaysia’s students to help 78 families (339++ people) affected by flood and currently staying there temporally. Our jobs were to clean the school and cook lunch and dinner for them. It was a tough job to prepare and cook for 300+ people. We started cooking around 7.30 am until 12.30 pm if I’m not mistaken. It was heartbreaking to see them waiting for us to finish cooking the food since all of them didn’t eat since the night before. We only cook eggs, sardine and rices for lunch and it was not delicious! I didn’t finished eating even though I was freaking hungry since I woke too early and didn’t have any food for breakfast. Hah.

The food we cook was just bleghh and I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart to the flood victims in SK Lundang 😦

Their dinner were cook by other people and heard that he owns a restaurant. Thank god! We only help with the preparation of food.

This photo was taken by me at Kg. Lundang.

This photo was taken by me at Kg. Lundang.

It was a great experience for me to actually see the situation myself when other people only heard about the flood in Kelantan from TV. I’m glad I joined and can help them.

I even made friends with the 4th year seniors. They were really nice and one of them are from Sabah and he was hilarious! Haha. I should join this kind of activities more. It makes me feel less like socially awkward turtle.

Sekretariat Sukarelawan USM

Sekretariat Sukarelawan USM.

The floods situation in Kelantan was really critical, the number of flood victims rises and even our prime minister describe the situation in Kelantan as a disaster.

This photo was taken at Manek Urai, Kelantan.

This photo was taken at Manek Urai, Kelantan. They said the situation in Manek Urai after the flood was just like the effect after tsunami in Acheh, Indonesia. (Click picture for more photos)

Our examination was postponed for a week because a lot of our students were trapped outside and inside Kelantan due to the flood and landslide. Some of the roads closed for 2 months. It is a disaster! Our university become food storage and others stuff essential for flood victims. A lot of works in need for volunteers such as unloading goods from trucks, packaging food and clothes and distributing all the things to the victims. Everyday, there would be helicopter come and go bringing victims to our university since our university’s hospital, Hospital University Science Malaysia was the only hospital which is not affected by flood in Kelantan.

1 Plastic, 1 Family.

1 Plastic, 1 Family.

Alhamdulillah, I tried to help with everything that I can do such as helping with the packaging of food (1 plastic, 1 family) and clothes (1 box, 1 family) and I even become one of the admin for the Operasi Banjir Kelantan – USMKK. Everything was a new experiences for me and I learn a lot from this tragedy but gahh, I just can’t help but feeling down 😦

I miss home. I miss Sabah. I already bought a flight ticket on 10th January and was really excited just thinking about spending my time with my family but unfortunately, I’m still not finish with the exam on 10th since it was postponed. So, I have another flight ticket on 17th January and  I hope my exam end before that date. I just can’t wait to go home. I just can’t waste anymore money. The tickets was just damn expensive 😦

Fare thee well and wish me luck, silent readers. Pray for Malaysia. 2014 was such a bad year for us, Malaysian. MH370, MH17 and major flooding in East Coast Malaysia.

UPDATE #1: Yeap, need to buy another flight ticket. The 3rd ticket. *sigh

UPDATE #2: The hell?! The exam scheduled change again. There’s no need to buy another ticket. Haha. Alhamdulillah. Hope the scheduled doesn’t change again.

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Never In My Wildest Dreams

I was known to be that one friend who always sit and just watch other people playing hand ball, foot ball and whatever during PE class since high school. I hate sweating, exercising and just simply moving! I mean, why do you need to move around when you can just sit and lay down?

During high school, I have a group of friends that I always hang out with and all of them join and practice Taekwando and they were really obsessed with it until now. I just can’t understand. Every time after their training or tournaments, they would showed me they bruises and injuries and that’s actually one of the reasons why I hate sports (and can’t ride a bicycle until now.)


Some even have a scar or permanent injury because of the tournaments. You guys need to love yourselves more! Haha.

I’m not scare of blood or whatever, I just don’t like hurting myself. Falling down and get kick for no reason is just a no-no to me. I even hate spicy food because IT HURTS. It hurts your tongue and my face will get red (my face get red easily actually).

Besides, I don’t have any talent in sports. I can not run really fast and I don’t have enough stamina or energy. Awkward turtle.

Well, I do feel jealous when my friends won medals or get certificates especially for sports tournaments because I know I would never get one but the future is uncertain and that’s the beauty of it.

And guess what?

Never in my wildest dream did I think I would join martial art club and actually won gold medal! I mean, what?!!

The first person from right.

MARTIAL ART TOURNAMENT. USMkk Group C. (The first person from the right.)

Back row on the left.

MARTIAL ART TOURNAMENT. USMkk Group C with Kak Billah. (Back row on the left.)

Look at that face, acting cute and stuff. My first gold medal. I’m so proud of myself. Haha. Good job, dear self! *Pat myself on the back*

I don’t have any special or fancy reasons when I decided to join *Silat Cekak like other people. “I want to learn to defend myself when in danger”, “I’ve always wanted to learn martial art.” or “I love to try new things.” bla bla bla because I just want the 6 units for Curriculum so I can graduate.

Again, the future is uncertain. I enjoyed it. The members were so nice and they really practice the Malay’s tradition.

Good manners and keeping with the adat. Even the moves were taken from Salat (Muslim prayers).

The classes were fun even though some of the move or we call it ‘buah‘ were kind of hard to do and hurt you. It felt really great when you do it right and felt like you have accomplished something huge. Haha. The first level, **Peringkat Asas was okay, I guess and I think I did great during the test. I’m currently in **Peringkat Jatuh and it’s really killing me BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

You don’t really going to understand or know something until you experiences it yourself and I think I know why my friends were so obsessed with Taekwando. Even though Taekwando and Silat Cekak is really different, I get the feeling. Haha 😀

*Malay’s martial art.
** Both are the 1st of the 3 stages in Silat Cekak.

Music Album Review: Roy Kim – HOME


Release Date: 2014.10.08
Genre: Folk
Language: Korean
Track List:
01. 영원한 건 없지만 ( Nothing Lasts Forever)
02. 가을에 (When Autumn Comes)
03. Home
04. 날 사랑한다면
05. 잘 있나요 그대 (feat. 정지찬)
06. 롱디 (Hold On)
07. Curtain (feat. 정성하)
08. 멀어졌죠 (Far Away)
09. Thank You (Bonus Track)

Roy Kim was one of the contestants of Mnet’s talent competition series Superstar K4. He actually failed the audition because 2 out of 3 judges say no to him but then 1 of the judges use his ‘Superpass’ (automatically qualified). He actually won the competition and crowned as champion on Superstar K4.

He deserved it. He is so talented and his voice is so pleasant to hear to. His voice is warm and soothing like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel, like seriously. His voice especially in Far Away and Long Distance (Hold On) was just heavenly.

A handsome guy with a voice like that is just so unfair. Not to mention, he is the son of a CEO and went to Georgetown University. Mother of god.

My favorite song of his would be Now I Know because I can just relate with the lyrics. I think everyone can relate.

Why do people never know when they have it? How precious it is? –Now I Know.

You never know the value of what you have till you lose it. Don’t wait until you lose it so appreciate all the things you have in life.

When Autumn Comes is just the type of song you want to hear when you just want to laze around the house. The song was such an ear candy.

He is also a very talented singer-songwriter just like Lee Chan-hyuk from AKMU. He wrote the lyrics for Nothing Lasts Forever while studying abroad.

The song’s motive comes from the letter he got from his sister and expresses his hope for happy world and idealistic life.

Furthermore, he also wrote the lead single in the album, HOME. The lyrics is really beautiful.

This song was written in the perspective of my 14-year-old friend Sancho (his companion dog). I’ve been happy thanks to him who has waited for me at the door of my house whatever happens to me. –Roy Kim.

So yeah, I would like to recommend this album to anyone who loves listening to music before going to bed. Cheers 😀

Socialite but at the same time, anti-social

The plan was to meet a friend from another university at Georgetown, Penang on the mid-term break but, sadly, it was cancel at the last minute. How disappointing! But on the bright side, I have 1 week to read all the books published by Fixi that I have always wanted and I can have the room all by myself. Eh? What a loser.

So yeah, I don’t have any plans for this 1 whole week (yet), all alone since all my roommates went back to their hometown and I’m writing this because I’m bored. Boredom kills and I don’t want to die yet. I’m still using Samsung and not an iPhone. JK.

One of my seniors ask me to join this one activity with her for the mid-term break but Sodium Hydrogen. There’s actually a lot of activities I can join during this break but my lazy ass just doesn’t want to move. (I’m so proud of you, dear self.)

I said yes at first to her but then cancel at the last minute by giving lame excuses (but she still bought it. Err, I think so.) because Azsyerrah is just being herself, an introvert and prefer to be alone in her room reading books and of course, she would rather be playing with evil cats on the street and get scratches by the furry demons on her already homely face than socializing with people.

Especially, with people who she can’t be herself.

It was a 1 week program and I was like already tired just thinking about it. I mean it is a mid-term break, a BREAK for god’s sake! A break for everything. I have enough of pretending to like people for about, I don’t know, a month and a half, maybe?

I’m so beat. I do nothing but I’m dead on my feet.

However, I’m not THAT standoffish that you think I am. I can be a socialite (If I’m famous for no reasons, my reality TV show would probably beat KUWTK. Hey, a girl can dream!), I just need to find someone who I can socialize with. The right one and not just anybody. Haha.

By the way, where the hell is my travel buddy? I may not look like a fun person but I can be cool sometimes, you know. We have 4 years to wander. Hurry up and show yourself.

“Masih mencari yang satu cephalic.” -September 22, 2014 at 7:53pm.


Maybe It’s Just Me

I guess they were not so bad after all. –Out of Place.

Yes, they are not so bad at all. Instead, they are really buddy-buddy. Extra friendly.

All of them seems like they have known each other since forever.

It’s just me.

Anti-social? It’s not that, it’s just that the memories I had during my Matriculation year with my classmates were so precious. I don’t want them to be replaced or forgotten and this made me kind of hard to accept new people in my life. Silly me.

I consider my coursemates to be a “temporary people” and I don’t know why even though I’m going to spent my 4 years with them.

Excuse after excuse. Gawd, I’m so good at pushing people away.

And damn, I miss my comrades, Jujul and Rus, How I wish you guys were with me, sitting with me in the back row, seeing Rus going to dream land during lectures and laughing at Jujul’s silly jokes. Matriculation year was fun and game. I’m glad I met them, all of them and I wonder if we’ll ever cross paths again. (Undoubtedly and unquestionably, I need to stop being so sentimental every time I want to write something.)

Moving on..

The seniors here were really nice and helpful. They gave me a lot of their old notes and lend me their Anatomy and Physiology books. I’m really thankful and relieved. They really made my student life easier than what I had imagine. Haha.

Furthermore, I’m from Sabah so some people tried to speak Sabahan (major failure) with me but instead they speak Indonesian and some even thought that I’m from Indonesia. Haha. I’m not mad at all. I find it rather funny. 😀

Some even find my dialect really charming. I guess I like being Sabahan living in Peninsular. Haha.

330 words, I guess that’s enough for today’s entry.

Au revoir, my silent reader and keep reading, my blog has nothing.

Out of Place

Week 1 – 1532 KM from loved one.

I cried. Of course, I cried. I cried a river when I had to live without my family for the first time even though Labuan from Beaufort was not that far away. I can just come home every weekend if I want to. Haha. I’m such a cry baby.

In spite of that, I think I adapted faster in Kelantan compared to when I’m in Labuan. Maybe because it was already my second time I had to live without my family. Beside, I have too. I shed tears but not as much as the first time. Haha.

I’m still new with all of this stuff. Living alone, far away from my family and friends. I miss Sabah. I miss my home, family, cats, friends and lecturers from Matriculation. I miss all of them.

My Sarawakian and Sabahan friends from Matriculation Labuan, they were the best. I had a wonderful time during our 1 year together. How I wish the time we spent with each other were a little bit longer.

See also: Batch 2013/2014

I guess a new journey has just begun. New friends. New environment. Everything is new and I’m all alone.

My first impression of Kelantan? Hmm, how do I begin? Well, I have seen better. I’m not being biased but seriously, the mall, building, airport, roads, public facilities in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is much better that in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

My new classmates, well, I need more time to get to know them better and my roomy, I would probably hate you a little less if you are not so noisy and annoying. (Haha. Statement membunuh.)

However, I managed to keep my body and soul together and survived the orientation week. Tomorrow is the first day of class. Azsyerrah, fighting!

Wish me good luck and fare thee well.

UPDATED: Went to Pimpin Siswa (camping) for 3 days and 2 night, rode the same bus for an hour from Kubang Krian, Kelantan to Besut, Trengganu and slept in the same tent with some of my classmates, I guess they were not so bad after all. Heh? And I met 2 handsome seniors! Bonus.

Book Review: Kacau By Ariff Adly

kacauKacau is a horror fiction written by Ariff Adly and it was scarier than most malay horror movies such as Khurafat or Karak.

I thought it was like any typical ghost stories because its all started when they played Ouija or Spirit of The Coin and end the game before saying a proper goodbye to the soul. I mean, that’s how you get killed in books or movies by ghosts.

However, that was not actually the reason why all of them were killed one by one in such a gruesome way. It was so unpredictable and I really love the ending.

You have such a wild imagination, Mr. Ariff Adly! All 7 characters were disturbed and some were killed. It was  disgusting and disturbing.

It would be amazing if someone turn this awesome book into a movie but of course without ruining it or leaving any important details. The way the writer describes how the characters were murdered or found dead was just nauseating. It was amazing!

I finished the book in just one day. I can’t stop because it was so nerve-wreaking! What I like most about this book was how Ariff Adly writes the book using 6 or 7 different point of views. It can be a little bit confusing but made the book more spine-chilling and hair-raising because it doesn’t leave out a single details, all the scary details! 4.5/5 stars.

I hope the author writes another book for the epilogue since he introduced 5 new characters playing the same game, Ouija. I’m totally going to buy it 😀

So yeah, I have read 4 books this month. It was a huge accomplishment for me since I’m not much of a reader. I chose book genres that I don’t usually buy or read, horror and mindfuck. I also bought 2 poetry books written by the same person, Mimi Morticia. I love it! My friends can’t believe me that I read poetry, even my mom. Well, I’m shocked too. I guess I managed to encourage myself to read more, eh?

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