Bucket List

Let’s give it a go,

  1. Go to anime conventions – I want to see people cosplaying and buy some anime merchandise.
  2. Go somewhere new every year.
  • 2015 – Terengganu, Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
  • 2016 – Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Perak
  • 2017 – Melaka
  1. Go street art walk in Penang – I love streets and I love art. I want to see all of them!
  2. Learn to wear make up – Foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlight. The hell?
  3. Fly first class – Let’s earn money first.
  4. Own an iPhone – RM 2399 – RM 3149. Fuuu.
  5. Own a polaroid camera
  6. Own a classic car – Because they are just so sexy.
  7. Own something from Louis Vuitton, Prada or Chanel – It’s a girl thing!
  8. Learn to walk in killer high heels
  9. Learn how to ride a bicycle – I’m scare of falling and getting hurt.
  10. Learn to drive a stick shift – I already have a drive’s license but  I’m too scared to drive. Only passed after my 3rd tried. Bahaha.
  11. Learn to cook – I really hate the fact that I don’t know how to cook. Such a bad ‘Wife Material’. Haha.
  12. Go horseback – Horseback riding: The only sport I would love to try.
  13. Get braces – Need to get em’ fixed.
  14. Try all Malaysia’s street food
  15. Dip dye my hair – I have never dye, straightening or do anything with my hair. I love my black natural hair but I’m bored with it already. It’s time to try something new.
  16. Watch all seasons of Supernatural – I’m currently watching seasons 5 😀
  17. Get my bachelor’s degree – And then masters degree. Fighting!
  18. Do volunteer work
  19. Go to Super Junior’s concert – A fan since 2010!
  20. Create a memory box and open it years later
  21. Donate blood – Always fail to meet the weight requirement. I need to eat more but I’m a picky eater.
  22. Achieve my ideal weight (45kg-60kg) – I have been underweight my whole life. Need to start a healthy lifestyle.
  23. Climb Mount Kinabalu
  24. Study overseas
  25. Traveled to all the states and federal territories in West & East Malaysia
  26. Be a certificate member of Silat Cekak – 21/05/2016, Dewan Haji Maideen
  27. Be on the Dean’s list
  28. Road trips with loved one
  29. Find the one I want to marry before I reach 30
  30. Have my own place. Apartment!
  31. Own a Sphinx! Meow~

I know it will take me a lot of time to finish all of them but I’m going to give it a try. Akiramenai! 😀

Any more ideas? Feel free to drop yours in the comment sections below 😀

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