How to Get Away with Murder

Please do not take the title literally. This post had nothing to do with tips or instructions on how to get away with murder. I was actually talking about the popular series with the same title on Netflix.

How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) is my all time favorite series on Netflix. I am really bad at giving reasons and persuading people but nothing can stop me from mentioning and recommending this series to everyone and anyone subscribing to Netflix. It is a legal drama, thriller and mystery. If you like that genres, do give this series a chance or even if they are not your cup of tea, trust me, you would love it. It has a total of six seasons and none of them ever disappoint me or making me bored.

Even the ending was flawless and perfect. It gave me a proper and satisfactory closure. All of the characters received what they deserved. I love the good, the bad and the tragedies happening in all seasons. Nothing cliches ever happened. Bonus, I cried!

Not to mention, about all the talented actors and actress on the series especially Tegan Price (played by Amirah Vann), Ms. Pratt (played by Aja Naomi King) and of course, our beloved Professor Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis). They successfully portrayed the personality of strong and powerful women. My favorite would be Ms. Pratt. She is stubborn, selfish, full of confidence, bad-tempered, very opinionated, independent, crazy and smart. She was able to argue passionately without crying (my emotional ass could never!). I would die for her confidence.


She was the one that honestly able to get away with murder but she ended up alone and no friends. I guess that what she got for being apologetically and genuinely her. Honestly, could not blame her because she survived alone on her own since childhood and she got to the place where she was now without the help of others.


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