Flight and Fight

I remembered retweeting a post about Skechers x Sailor Moon when they first came out. The collection came out early this year if I am not mistaken and was so pretty but I knew it would cost an arm and leg.

Fast forward five months later, I finally got mine! Obviously, we bought it during the mid-year sale. A tweet went viral on Twitter two days ago about the sale at all Skechers stores (2nd pair @ RM1). Thank god, I am obsessed with Twitter. I immediately told my mom and showed her the collections. Surprisingly, she loved the shoes which were very rare because she usually hates my taste lol. We went to the store the next day and tadaaaa…

Chunky and classic!

The queue was really long. We had to take a number and they would call us when it was out time to get in. We were told to wait probably around an hour. After waiting for almost an hour, they still haven’t called us. We were afraid that the collection would be sold out before we were ever gotten the chance to enter the store so we went back and asked the promoter near the entrance if our sizes (5 and 6) were still available.

The promoter said there were only one size 6 left but already reserved for another customer. However, she didn’t pay for it yet so he could give it to me if I want and of course, I want it! We told the promoter to grab Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus for us and mom immediately paid for them (thank you mom!). Mind you, we didn’t have to get in the store. We were just standing near the entrance, the promoter was very helpful, brought the shoes to us to try and yes, we basically cut the queue. Guilty as charged.

I didn’t really care which color I wanted to buy because all of them were equally pretty to me. People wrote that the design for Skechers shoes were mostly ugly for their expensive price, couldn’t deny but I personally adore the Sailor Moon collection. However, the brand is still famous because they are very comfortable to wear and I second that.

The price for one was RM 469. The total was RM 938 but because of the discount we only had to pay RM 470. Basically, RM 235 for one pair of shoes. Expensive, yes but normal (I guess?) because of the collaboration with Sailor Moon. It was also cheaper compared to my Converse Chuck 70 Hi Sunflower.

I love shoes. I really do. I don’t really care about handbags, the brand of hijabs I’m wearing but shoes, they are different. You know what they say, good shoes take you good places. One tip when buying shoes;- make sure they look good and suitable for flight and fight!

Some background stories about the shoes. Glad I bought Sailor Mercury, the most relatable character.

More on Skechers x Sailor Moon: http://www.skechers.com.my/sailormoon/

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