The Curse of 20 Something

Nah, It was not a big transformation like Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox or anything but it kind of a huge thing for me.

Dun dun dun.

Finally, I’m wearing braces! Not that shocking, eh? Well, okay then. But hey! I had been wanting to wear braces since I was in secondary school.

And currently studying in local university, 20 years old with pimples here and there, big, round spectacles and BRACES! Yeay!

The curse of 20 something.

I started wearing them on 19th of May and I chose pink and blue for my braces. Yeay! I just couldn’t stop admiring the color combination. Lol.

I only wear braces on my upper teeth and I’m going to wear them on my lower teeth on 22nd of June.

At first, I was very scared because they will remove at least 4 of my teeth and then, I started imaginging my face wearing braces with this crooked teeth of mine, oh my oh my, from ugly to hideous real quick, aren’t we?

I’m not really worried about the pain, I just don’t want to be toothless. Haha.

Good news was that the doctor said she will going to remove only 2 of my upper teeth and no removal for my lower teeth. Thank goodness!

But I guess wearing braces was not that bad after all. Well, yes, the wire does look like a roller coster trails since it was going up and down and then up again but I can live with that because that was the reason why I want to wear braces: to correct my crooked teeth and then slowly, they will move and ta-da, beautiful and perfect teeth. I cant wait for that to happen. Maybe 1 year from now? 2 years? In shaa Allah.

I guess people with braces or want to get braces will understand me. I’m very insecure with my teeth. I never smile with my teeth showing because I’m very embarassed with my severe crowding and overbite teeth. The doctor said that the size of my teeth are just too big for my small mouth and gums and that was why they were not aligned or in positions they were supposed to be.

Some people even jokes about my teeth by calling me mean names and all and I do remember coming home crying. Haha. 

Thanks for reading and fare thee well 😊

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