Not Trying to Stop a Hurricane

USM Kubang Kerian to UMP Gambang

USM Kubang Kerian to UMP Gambang.

On 15th January 2015, I went volunteering again but this time not in Kelantan. It was in Pahang. When I saw on our university official Facebook page that volunteers from University Science Malaysia (USM) were needed to help the flood victims in PahangI didn’t even think through about it and quickly wrote my name and contact number.

I have never been to Peninsular Malaysia before and Kelantan was actually my first time. So, I was thrilled to go to Pahang for the first time. I just love the fact that I’m volunteering and travel to new places at the same time.

It took approximately 8 hours by bus from USM to University Malaysia Pahang, (UMP) and to go from Kelantan to Pahang we have to pass through Terengganu. I rarely sleep in car and I think I slept for like an hour and just spend my time looking out the window. Besut, Permaisuri, Al Muktafi Bilal Shah were some of the places in Terengganu that I remember we passed through to go to Pahang. We also stopped at Dungun, Terengganu for our morning prayers and for our bus drivers to rest for a while.

We stayed in UMP for 2 days and 1 night helping with whatever we can such as preparing food for the other volunteers from another universities such as UPSI and the victims, of course.

The people there were really kind especially Mr. Khairul, our chef. He was such a good cook. I still can’t forget the appetizing aroma of his Ayam Gulai Cili Api and Nasi Goreng Belacan. Unfortunately, it was super spicy for me and I just ate a little bit. I guess people in Pahang love spicy food.

Thank god, I’m studying in Kelantan instead of Pahang or Negeri Sembilan. They were famous for their spicy food. I think the Kelantanese prefer sweet food. They just love adding sugars to everything even to Roti Canai and I was like WHAAAAT? Too much sugar is bad for you, people! 😀

We went back to Kelantan on 18th and my last paper for Semester 1 was on 20th.

So yeah, my examination for 1st Semester was finally over and currently the flood situation in West Malaysia improves. Alhamdulillah. However, in Sabah (Sipitang, Beaufort and Membakut) and Sarawak the situation worsen. My flight ticket to Sabah was on 22th but my family couldn’t get me at the airport because some of the road were closed due to flood and I was like,

I’m not trying to stop a hurricane,
I’m not trying to shake the ground below,
I’m just trying to find a way to make it back home.

Well, everything happens for a reason and que sera, sera. There was nothing I can do about it.

Enough with the flood and now I’m free! Free as the air. Guess where I am right now? HOME! Yes, I’m finally home. I just couldn’t believed that I’m actually in Sabah right now. I know 5 months is not that long but damn, I miss home.

There were so many things happened to me for the past few weeks. The flood, examination got postponed, bought flight tickets 3 times and everything happened, all in once when all I do is trying to get home.

I hope everyone have a good start on 2015 unlike me and wish me luck for my examination result that will be out this February. I hope I will not need to repeat any papers. Finger crossed!

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