Music Album Review: Roy Kim – HOME


Release Date: 2014.10.08
Genre: Folk
Language: Korean
Track List:
01. 영원한 건 없지만 ( Nothing Lasts Forever)
02. 가을에 (When Autumn Comes)
03. Home
04. 날 사랑한다면
05. 잘 있나요 그대 (feat. 정지찬)
06. 롱디 (Hold On)
07. Curtain (feat. 정성하)
08. 멀어졌죠 (Far Away)
09. Thank You (Bonus Track)

Roy Kim was one of the contestants of Mnet’s talent competition series Superstar K4. He actually failed the audition because 2 out of 3 judges say no to him but then 1 of the judges use his ‘Superpass’ (automatically qualified). He actually won the competition and crowned as champion on Superstar K4.

He deserved it. He is so talented and his voice is so pleasant to hear to. His voice is warm and soothing like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel, like seriously. His voice especially in Far Away and Long Distance (Hold On) was just heavenly.

A handsome guy with a voice like that is just so unfair. Not to mention, he is the son of a CEO and went to Georgetown University. Mother of god.

My favorite song of his would be Now I Know because I can just relate with the lyrics. I think everyone can relate.

Why do people never know when they have it? How precious it is? –Now I Know.

You never know the value of what you have till you lose it. Don’t wait until you lose it so appreciate all the things you have in life.

When Autumn Comes is just the type of song you want to hear when you just want to laze around the house. The song was such an ear candy.

He is also a very talented singer-songwriter just like Lee Chan-hyuk from AKMU. He wrote the lyrics for Nothing Lasts Forever while studying abroad.

The song’s motive comes from the letter he got from his sister and expresses his hope for happy world and idealistic life.

Furthermore, he also wrote the lead single in the album, HOME. The lyrics is really beautiful.

This song was written in the perspective of my 14-year-old friend Sancho (his companion dog). I’ve been happy thanks to him who has waited for me at the door of my house whatever happens to me. –Roy Kim.

So yeah, I would like to recommend this album to anyone who loves listening to music before going to bed. Cheers 😀


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