Book Review: Kacau By Ariff Adly

kacauKacau is a horror fiction written by Ariff Adly and it was scarier than most malay horror movies such as Khurafat or Karak.

I thought it was like any typical ghost stories because its all started when they played Ouija or Spirit of The Coin and end the game before saying a proper goodbye to the soul. I mean, that’s how you get killed in books or movies by ghosts.

However, that was not actually the reason why all of them were killed one by one in such a gruesome way. It was so unpredictable and I really love the ending.

You have such a wild imagination, Mr. Ariff Adly! All 7 characters were disturbed and some were killed. It was  disgusting and disturbing.

It would be amazing if someone turn this awesome book into a movie but of course without ruining it or leaving any important details. The way the writer describes how the characters were murdered or found dead was just nauseating. It was amazing!

I finished the book in just one day. I can’t stop because it was so nerve-wreaking! What I like most about this book was how Ariff Adly writes the book using 6 or 7 different point of views. It can be a little bit confusing but made the book more spine-chilling and hair-raising because it doesn’t leave out a single details, all the scary details! 4.5/5 stars.

I hope the author writes another book for the epilogue since he introduced 5 new characters playing the same game, Ouija. I’m totally going to buy it 😀

So yeah, I have read 4 books this month. It was a huge accomplishment for me since I’m not much of a reader. I chose book genres that I don’t usually buy or read, horror and mindfuck. I also bought 2 poetry books written by the same person, Mimi Morticia. I love it! My friends can’t believe me that I read poetry, even my mom. Well, I’m shocked too. I guess I managed to encourage myself to read more, eh?

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Kacau By Ariff Adly

    1. azsyerrah Post author

      OMgeee, thanks for dropping by. I’m a fan of Fixi because of your book.
      Kacau was actually the first Fixi book I read and I really love it. I have read a lot of books published by Fixi but still can’t find one that can beat Kacau. Chehh. Haha 😀



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