August 12, 2014 at 12PM

The result for my local university admissions are out! Here’s how my day so far:

8AM: Awake. Tossing and turning in bed. Too lazy to get up. Making up scenarios in my head.

9AM: Heartbeat was beating too hard. Need to calm down. Checking my social media. Stalking Matty Healy on Instagram.

10AM: Contemplating whether to wake up because I’m hungry or to sleep more because I’m so lazy.

11AM: Finally, I’m out of the bed. I’m too hungry to sleep. Ate cucur udang and made myself a cup of Vico while making a rough draft on what to post.

11.05AM: 55 minutes to go. Opening my laptop.

11.13AM: Closing my laptop. Back to bed.

11.55AM: Can’t sleep. Heart rate increase. Felt like screaming and head banging on the wall. Mental breakdown. 5 minutes to go.

11.57AM: Writing message on the phone 3 minutes earlier. 11.58, 59..

12PM:  Fucking send! *scream*

12.01PM: Hand shaking. Waiting for a reply about my result. I felt like puking.

12.03PM: Finally, I got a reply! What will be, will be.


One thought on “August 12, 2014 at 12PM

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