Let’s talk about Sarang


What do I know about love? NOTHING! Well, that’s a good start. I have always been that one friend who was always single when all my friends were in a relationship with each other. You know, a third wheel. Haha 😀

There were some boys who tried to make a move on me but I’m so good at pushing people away. Plus, my pushy and bossy attitude just turn them off. Even my mom said I scared the boys away. Not something that I should be proud of but even I think it’s funny. Haha.

Since I have always been the third wheel and a people watcher, I see a lot of shit people in a relationship do, mostly from people that I know. It’s making me feel scared to be in a relationship. Maybe someday, yea? Far, far away in the future.

Firstly, there were always one couple who was all mushy and lovey dovey when they were still in a relationship. All their statuses and tweets were all about how happy and wonderful their relationship were and making people vomits all over the keyboard. Why do you want the whole world to know about your relationship? Even couple who were married for 10 or 15 years doesn’t brag or advertise their relationship on social media.

Obviously, this kind of love usually doesn’t last long and when they break up, both of them will curse each other on Facebook and Twitter. They don’t even deserve your sympathy. They were like from “I love you to the moon and back.” to “I fucking hate you. Rot in hell!” They wrote all the curse words in all languages that they know on Facebook and you know who they were meant for. They even tell everyone all the bad stuff their partner did just to embarrass each other.

Their stupidity just amuse me.

Long distant relationship. Type of relationship I hate the most. Even though I don’t have any experience on this kind of relationship but all my friends who were once in a long distant relationship get their heart broken. It’s either their partner cheated on them or break up with some lame excuses and 1 week later, they were in a new relationship.

People that change from one partner to another partner just amaze me. How can you say the 3 words so easily? Hell, how can you find a new boyfriend/girlfriend in a really short amount of time? They can’t even stay single for a week and their love last for a week or two. Was your love even real?

It takes time to know someone completely. When I’m in a relationship, only Allah knows when, Lol, I want it to last. However, the only ship that I desperately need right now is scholarship. See what I did there. Hah!

Moving on..

I believe trust is the most important thing in a relationship. I know someone who have an overly attached girlfriend. She gets jealous easily over stupid things. He can’t even talk to other girls. Actually, both of them were full of doubt with each other. They were always fighting over silly things and post it on Facebook. God damn it Facebook. Why bother being in a relationship when you can’t even trust your partner, right?

Don’t rush. Take love slowly. Cheers and I hope whoever reading this have a wonderful ❤ life.


5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Sarang

      1. Jerry Gabrielle

        I can totally relate to your post, but me being in the relationship. 🙂

        Never broke up on a bad term before. But, hey! that’s what most of the couple are doing on social media these days.


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