Recommendation: Anime #2

This is the second part and I will try to make it short. Enjoy!

Acchi KocchiAired: April 2012.

Genres: Romantic comedy, slice of life.

Episodes: 12


Tsumiki is in love with Io but doesn’t want to be honest with her feelings. And Io is not aware of Tsumiki’s feelings towards him. They never wanted to be parted but haven’t become a couple yet. They have ‘more than friends, less than lovers’ kind of relationship.

My thoughts:

Cuteness overload. The anime is hilarious because all of the characters have funny reactions. How Hime gets nosebleed easily, Tsumiki’s reaction when Mayoi tease her for liking Io or when Io give her a pat on her head, just simply adorable. I especially like it when Mayoi and Sakaki, the prankster duo got injured. Lol. Their reactions was just priceless and they actually deserve it. Haha. 3.5/5 stars.

Attack on Titan

Aired: April 2013.

Genres: Dark fantasy, Post-apocalyptic.

Episodes: 25 + 2 Ova + 2 Specials.


The story is about the adventure of Elen and his friends fighting with the Titans that destroyed their city and killed Elen’s mother. Elen vows to join the Survey Corps to kill all Titans and take revenge for all mankind.

My thoughts:

I usually prefer comedy or piece of life and this is my first time watching anime with this genres. I’m not disappointed at all. You know it is a good anime when you hardly blink when watching it. I even get cold sweat when watching this anime. Love it! 4/5 stars and the released for season 2 is still yet to be confirmed.


Aired: August 2012 and July 2013.

Genres: Horror, adventure.

Episodes: 4 (Tortured Souls) + 1 (Missing Footage).


A group of friends decide to perform a charm called “Sachiko Ever After” and one of them made a mistake. This cause all of them to transport to alternate dimensions where an elementary school that was torn down (because of murders of several of its staff and students) still exist. In order to survive and find their way home, they need to figured out the truth and mystery behind the hunted school.

My thoughts:

A lot of killing. Blood everywhere. People dying. And this anime is rated 17+ because of its violence and profanity. Extremely unpleasant but still good. It’s actually adapted from a video game and maybe that’s why this anime is so short and only have 4 episodes and 1 OVA. I know about this anime when I was watching Pewdiepie played the game. 3/5 stars.

MushishiAired: October 2005.

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Occult detective.

Episodes: 26.


This story is about a Mushishi (Mushi master) who travel from place to place to learn and investigate about Mushi (they are different from plant, animals or other form of life) and at the same time, he helps people suffering from problem caused by supernatural occurrences which may be related to the Mushi.

My thoughts:

This anime is so different than the animes that I used to watch. I don’t know why but this anime is so relaxing despite all the supernatural occurrence or the mystery stuff. I really enjoy watching it. I love how Ginko, the Mushishi deal with the various type of Mushi. So, 4/5 stars.

The.Law.of.Ueki.Aired: April 2005.

Genres: Comedy, Action.

Episodes: 51.


The story is about a tournament called Battle of Supernatural Powers. 100 candidates is required to choose a high school students to be their fighter. All the students are given unique power and the winning candidate will become the new God of Heaven and the winning student can have any talent or power that they want.

My thoughts:

My all time favorite anime! Ueki was my first crush in anime. Lol. I started watching anime when I was around 13 to 15 years old and that’s when I know about The Law of Ueki. It was one of the earliest anime series I ever watched and I still love it. 4/5 stars!


Feel free to recommend me your favorite anime of all time or maybe the earliest anime you watched. Thanks for reading 🙂

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