Yep, that’s so me. I’m not much of a reader. I bought 4 books recently and now I have 5 to 6 unread books. Some of them are Nuansa Cita, Langdown Manor, The Devil Wears Prada & The Fault in Our Stars. I actually read The Fault in Our Stars but I just stop halfway. Don’t get me wrong, It was a great book and so well-written but when I stop, it will took me a long time before I started reading it again.

I don’t hate reading books. I do get all giddy when I walk in a bookstore. Books make life more interesting and give you a better perspective in life. You can find joy and peace of mind. Reading books is actually better than watching hundreds of movies. You use your imagination. Dreaming with open eyes.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. -Mason Cooley.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I did not pick the right book. Books that suit my taste. The right genre for me. I’m really bad at picking and I don’t know what kind of books to get. I have a hard time finding books that will keep my attention and doesn’t bore me easily. I usually just end up buying random books.

And I actually thought people that read books in bookstores a cheapskates and doesn’t want to pay. They want to read books for free. That was what I thought when actually they were reading the first few pages to know whether they want to keep reading it or not. To know whether the book was worth it. Unlike me, I just randomly pick a book based on their cover. “Oh this book is in pink! Must be good.” And that’s just how stupid I am, people.

We should not judge a book by its cover or movie but that’s normal I guess. The first thing that catches our eyes when choosing books to read are the book design and tittle. I usually just bought something from the Most Popular or Staff Picks shelves or Ideal Bookshelves because it’s easier that way. But that doesn’t mean it suits my interest or doesn’t get me bored right away. So that’s just some of the reasons why I have so many books that I still have not read yet but I do have my favorite book, Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella. Good plot.

So here’s the things I’ve learned,

  • Once you find the book that interest you, read a few pages and ask yourself if you want to continue reading it.
  • Don’t think you have to read a certain book because everyone else does or it was the best-selling book.
  • Choose a book based on topic or genre that you are interested in.
  • Read book reviews or ask someone to recommend a good book to you and that’s what I’m going to do now.

Tell me some good books that you have read and would recommend to me. And now I’m going to finish The Fault in Our Star by John Green, 60 pages to go. I really need to encourage myself to read more.


2 thoughts on “Tsundoku

  1. nerdtotheword

    Well I was going to suggest The Fault In Our Stars but you are already reading that. I have a lot of books that are unread on my bookshelf. I bought The Alchemyst by Michael Scott thinking it would be really good, however the first couple of pages I really couldn’t get into it. That’s okay though… I may try again. I like reading things by Ted Dekker or Francine Rivers. I’ve never been disappointed in those two authors


    1. azsyerrah Post author

      Just finish reading TFIOS. Really good indeed. IKR we buy books and think it would be good but in the end naahh. Haha. And thank you. I will try searching some of their books 🙂



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