I come from a small town called Beaufort, Sabah, Malaysia. I have never been outside Malaysia. Hell, I have never been outside Sabah. I haven’t traveled far and that’s why I can not wait to leave home and further my studies, travel and go somewhere new.

I have this desire to explore. I want to travel. I think it is everyone dreams to travel the world, driving on unfamiliar roads and breathes the air of new places. Places with good food and good people. Connect with people. People with different language. Spanish. French, the language of love. Learn new things and grow. Places where nobody knows who the hell you are. Don’t you just love the feeling of being anonymous in beautiful cities. I want to take beautiful pictures. Yes, pictures of wonderland.

Festival of Colors in India. Lantern Festival in Taiwan. Backpacking around Europe. Italy, my favorite. Somewhere beautiful. I want to left my heart in so many places.

I want to live a life worth writing for. One step at a time.


5 thoughts on “Fernweh

    1. azsyerrah Post author

      Thank you and best wishes for you too 😀
      I hope your wish to go around the world in 2016 come true. So inspiring 🙂
      Agree, there are a lot of group ethnics here. Haha. Do come again. You should try visiting Kundasang. Haha 🙂


      1. Sandra Lim

        Aww! I can’t wait for it to happen (fundraising is so tiring and difficult).

        When I do visit Sabah, I’ll definitely make it a point to visit Kundasang. Do you live around that area? Maybe you can bring me around when I visit (; I live in Singapore – pretty nearby.


      2. azsyerrah Post author

        I would love to!
        It took 3 to 4 hours from Beaufort to Kundasang. Kind of far actually but we always go there during holiday. Mesilau to be exact. It’s really near with Kundasang. My fave place. Aha 😀


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