Hello, Cruel World!

Well, I’m actually already have a blog. I made it using Blog.com. It’s not a popular blog sites as WordPress.com or Blogger.com but I just love the simplicity of the url. I think azsyerrah.wordpress.com is too long or azsyerrah.blogspot.com is just plain ugly. I hate the “spot” thingy. Haha. But unfortunately, Blog.com suck platypus shit. It was okay at first, in fact it was great but then it constantly showing 502 Bad Gateway and took a lot of time to load. Bad Gateway And if you know me in real life I have low tolerance to bullshit so that’s why I made this second blog. Third I guess. My first would be Tumblr.com (Fell From Heaven), Blog.com (Wait For It) and WordPress.com (Dream a little Dream of Me). I’m going to close my blog at Blog.com after I finished transferring all of  it here. I guess WordPress.com is not so bad after all. Blogspot.com is just a no-no to me. Heh.blog-deleted


4 thoughts on “Hello, Cruel World!

  1. akaba

    Ooh, thank you for Blog.com

    Now that there’s a non-retarded blogging platform available, I can rest in peace knowing that I won’t have to journey to the Horrid Lands of Tumblr in case something happens here.

    WordPress is the most awesome of them all, though. ❤


    1. azsyerrah Post author

      Agree, I enjoy blogging in WordPress. Aha. But Tumblr is not that bad. Haha. However, I don’t think it’s suitable place to blog. I usually just reblog pictures or edit some. Aha.


      1. akaba

        Tumblr has some great content, but I fail to understand their comments system. And that makes me angry. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ


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