He was intimidating & I’m just awkward!


As you can see above, I took the MEdSI test and of course I passed since it was super easy. No need for the cold sweat or sad tears because you need it later.

2 weeks after that (I  think), I got an interview!


And guess what? The interview was today and of course when I was writing this, I already done with it. And and it was awful. Just like the title. Of course, I’m the problem. Why can’t I be as confident as Stephanie and as brave as Herlina when talking about our own opinion? Maybe that’s just me. Awkward, shy, low self-esteem and insecure. FML.

Moving on…

There are 2 interviewers, a female and a male. The female was really nice and calming and the male was exactly the opposite. A little bit intimidating but I guess I’m already familiar with this kind of people. *cough Sir SNSA *cough

They ask me to introduced myself in English, why I want to be a lecturer, give me a reason why we should choose you. It was a really basic questions but me being me, forever awkward. Again FML.

I wrote that the Ajushhi was really intimidating because he told me to change my course and to try Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Medic and bla bla bla. He was trying really hard to make me change my course. I just said no.

Everytime I answer any questions. he said that I’m very confusing. Ahhhh. He said that I was very confusing several times. He was like

Aku confuse la, confuse lah.

Bahaha. And the last time he said that I was confusing was when I was already standing up, ready to go and the female interviewer asked me whether Bachelor of Science in Education (Chemistry Major) was my 1st choice in UPU so I said no. Veterinary was my 1st choice. Bhaha. I should just lie. Well, at least I’m honest.

I was also told that to be a lecturer I need to be more confident and talk a lot. Which I am not. She also said that I’m not active in curriculum activities and I’m totally aware of that. I guess it was just not enough to only love to learn more about Chemistry and ambition to be a lecture. Lol. Because everyone can. And again, I’m just an average student.

And the worse feeling ever was when you are already in the car, on your way to go home and you just think of a really good comeback. And you were like Arghhhhh! Feel like punching yourself. If I passed the interview (more likely not) then I guess miracles do happen.

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8 thoughts on “He was intimidating & I’m just awkward!

  1. Sandra Lim

    Did you manage to get into veterinary? I didn’t get enrolled into the veterinary programme (unfortunately) but that doesn’t matter because I still can volunteer and interact with animals. We have a lot in common, I realise. You’re into korean stuff too! I’m more into korean variety shows like running man and the recently launched Roommate.


    1. azsyerrah Post author

      The result will be out this August. Vet was my 1st choice when I applied. I do hope I get it. Aha.
      IKR. I actually watch Running Man too. We do have a lot in common. Ahaa. Never watch Roommate but I’m a fan of Exo’s Chanyeol. Superman is Back is cool too. Ahaa


      1. azsyerrah Post author

        Yes, me too and try all the food that I saw on variety show. Everything they eat looks yummy. Lol. Yup, Viva Polo. The fans can leave a message for him there. Lucky korean fans. Ahaa 😀


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