Batch 2013/2014

A year had passed since I started studying in Labuan Matriculation College (LMC). I am now an Ex student of LMC and I made so many memories. I cried. Hari pertama menjejakkan kaki dan hari terakhir, yes, I cried. The only differences was I had someone to hold and hug me during my last day in LMC. Why do I feel like we have known each other for so long when we only know each other existence last year? It felt really nice to know you guys, Sabahan and Sarawakian. My favorite would be Si Roommate – Ash, Si Pilai – Ruszaimi & si Iban – Julius. Thank you for being so patient with me. I know I can be a pain in the ass but sometimes I can be nice too, right? Right?

“Andartu” “Queen control”

Well, I still love you guys. Haha.  Deritaku Bahagiamu by Hafiz AF. I will never forget that song. The song that make us friends. Eww poyo.

And not to forget, Oliver, thanks for making Physics look so easy and Azuereen, why am I the only one who get excited when I saw you and you were like blah and just laugh like crazy? Haha.


Meet my new friends. All the way from Kapit to Semporna. The Genius, the Robot freak, the Clumsy, the Weirdo, the Class Clown.. Ahhh It was an honor to know and be your classmate even for a year.

Regrets? Except not studying hard enough? Well, not be able to learn photography under Sir Syed. In LMC, I had known so many awesome people and Sir Syed Nasir was one of them. Dia dengan Kamera dengan Tonka dengan Ground bla bla Vehicle.. I don’t even know . Hashtag Respect. Hahaha. He taught me a lot of stuff even thought belajar dengan dia kejap. Lol. Apahal kejap BM kejap BI. Choii. But seriously, even though I had known him for only a short time, he is  very talented and everyone agrees. Again, hashtag respect. Bahaha. He is also very scary. Kecut perut bila fikir balik.

Miss Choo, thank you for everything. There are no words to say how much I appreciated everything you do for us. Really, thank you, mentor.

BP3T11, stay awesome. Hope to see all of you someday. Till then, jaga diri :’)


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